Acoustic Energy AE 108

Acoustic Energy AE 108

Виробник: Acoustic Energy
Модель: AE 108
Наявність: У наявності

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24000 грн.

The AE108 is a new, compact, yet extremely powerful active subwoofer with remote control for easy set-up and adjustability.

Designed to work seamlessly as part of a multi channel system including the new AE100’s, AE109’s and AE107, the AE108 is ideal for the modern home where controlled bass performance is required without compromising the living space.

At less than one cubic foot in size, the AE108 can be positioned discretely and adjusted with the supplied remote control to achieve the ideal audio balance from the listening position. Finished in a choice of satin black or walnut vinyl veneer finishes, the AE108 delivers a bass punch that belies its compact size.

Technical Specifications
Drive Unit: 8? paper cone
Frequency Range: 30Hz – 110Hz
Peak SBL: 108dB
Power Handling: 150w
Crossover Frequency: 40 – 110Hz adjustable
Finishes:Satin Black and Walnut vinyl veneer
Dimensions: 280mm3

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